Such Kind Words

March 18, 2017

Hello Ron and Peggy,

Now that we have happily moved into our new home we’d be remiss in not thanking you for the way you helped us make our dream come true.  We were impressed by your professionalism in all your dealings with us, starting from the thorough introduction to selling a house, the research of current market values, and the expertly done picture gallery and brochure which attracted many potential buyers.  But above all, we appreciated Ron’s quiet and reassuring demeanor in the somewhat stressful situation of selling our beloved property.  And we were equally appreciative of Peggy’s never failing accessibility for any queries we had and her prompt follow-up.  It doesn’t take you long to realize that Ron and Peggy work hand-in-glove and make a very successful team in helping their clients achieve their goals.

Lastly, we are still in awe, and thankful, at how quickly you were able to secure our new home in a highly competitive situation.  Ron and Peggy, you stopped at nothing and dedicated extra hours to see us through the process.  And if that were not enough, you helped us get started on the move.  All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the service you have given us and we would certainly recommend you to any potential clients. 

Yours gratefully, Richard and Marlies Newton